ELA Awards 2021 on November 9th : Save the Date!!



The first steps of the ELA Awards 2021-edition, which will take place November 9th online, have been taken.


The jury members from various sectors have been appointed and with proud can be said that we can rely on a big group of logistics' experts.

Furthermore, we are delighted to state that there has been an excellent response from the ELA-members reg. projects sent in as you can see below. A few weeks back, the jury already received all the details, so we are looking forward to being able to announce the 6 finalists end of September.


In addition we invite you to join us on November 9th from 14:00 onwards for an afternoon of best practice in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

What makes this event unique?

The projects presented during this event are the finalists from the European competition. To be able to join this competition the projects have to be already champions in their own country. So this is the battle of the strongest.


Preliminary agenda

14:00 - 16:30 h. Presentations of the finalists' projects
16:45 - 17:00 h. Announcement of winners

17:00 - 18:00 h. Round table discussion


This year the 10 projects in competition are:




Emission-Free Delivery by Austrian Post and the Project “Green Graz” 2021” 
The integrated corporate and sustainability strategy, the project “Green Graz” and the CO2 neutral delivery initiative.


Austrian Post, Austria





Innovative retail logistics at dm |Integrative. Intelligent. Automated
Reduction in overall logistics expenditure of over 7 million euros p.a., lighter workload for store employees of more than 50,000 hours p.a.,  reduction in the weight lifted in manual picking of more than 50,000 tons p.a., decrease in transport volume of roughly 1.8 million truck kilometres p.a., increasing capacity by implementing new  technology in the DC world.


dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG , Germany





Coldchain logistics for  COVID-19 vaccine in Ukraine
To develop and arrange logistics solutions for COVID-19 Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in Ukraine, covering import, centralized ultra-low temperature storage, deliveries to regional vaccination centres and support of local ultra-low temperature storage in order to guarantee the cold chain from the manufacturer to the final recipient.


Farmasoft LLC, Ukraine



“Superdry Logistics Automation”
Flexible and scalable automation of order fulfilment and product storage


Invar Systems Ltd, United Kingdom




“The development of a global and more sustainable supply chain in the fashion industry”
A new supply chain model in order to achieve better adaptation to the new reality, increasing efficiency throughout the supply chain, reducing the impact on the environment, whereas continuing to guarantee an optimal level of service for its customers.





Logistic data marketplace – The beginning of the digital age of logistics for Migros"
The overall goal is to break up information silos in different kind of supply chains. Each participant within a supply chain needs to have transparency about the flow of goods in some kind of way. Automatization within a distribution center requires granular information about logistic objects, like pallets or boxes. Industry partners wants to know when to prepare for production. Consumers are interested in track and trace data. The marketplace for logistics data provides a solution for all this needs in a standardized way.


Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund, Switzerland






Changing the face of e-commerce logistics, when a leading French food retailer meets the top British online grocery player”


Disrupting the French grocery e-commerce market by developing the fastest growing logistic company, based on the state-of-the-art technology developed by Groupe Casino’s partner, Ocado.


O’logistique, Groupe Casino, France






The digitalization of the logistics services of PCDC through e-Services platform”

e-Services platform is a NEUTRAL AND OPEN PLATFORM, a SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT which allows the exchange of information between Supply Chain stakeholders (Importers-Exporters, forwarders, customs agents, final receivers), aiming to offer better, faster and more comprehensive services while ensuring the traceability of cargoes and procedures through a track & trace system.


PCDC SA Piraeus Consolidation Distribution Center S.A, Greece










Frictionless Smart Warehousing Services for Supporting and Control of Intra-Logistics Processes and Shelf Management”
Our brand new solutions support the smart warehousing market by providing a real-time indoor tracking and localization service, which is based on a beacon-free positioning solution, built upon affordable IoT hardware components. Our system can achieve reliable and highly accurate positioning (under 1 m) with a minimal WiFi network infrastructure (used only for sensor data transfer), at the same time providing scalable and highly flexible location-based services. With our tiny, in-house developed hardware components ,incorporating only cheap IMU and barometric pressure sensors, we can track and locate all kinds of objects, from forklifts to parcels, involved in the logistic processes. The aim is to reduce costs and support effectiveness by closing the information and control loop currently present in various logistics processes and operation, thus eliminating losses created by human error.

The technology have been market proven previously and as a joint venture between Evotrex Zrt. as a tech startup wit the industrial partner of Quehenberger Kft. we have won the Hungarian MLBKT innovation award.


Quehenberger Logistics Hu Kft. & Evotrex Zrt., Hungary



“"COMBO SNAP" system as the tool of automatic scanning and registering multi-codes at one of the leading courier companies in Poland”
Main objective – Developing a model solution for the automation of the work of the client`s central sorting – a leading operator on the TSL market, by equipping them with 6 COMBO SNAP systems, that read and record barcodes  (GS1), placed on consignments transported on in-warehouse conveyors.

FINAL EFFECT - All data obtained from the reading is saved and sent to the Customer's system on the FTP server, allowing for quick and efficient management in real time.


VITRONIC Machine Vision Polska sp. z.o.o., Poland