World Bank Report on Logistics Skill Shortages

You may recall that you participated in a study that was undertaken by the World Bank on logistics skill shortages. 

The World Bank has now published the final report of this study which you can download from:

Surely you will find this report of interest as it provides new insights into the nature, extent and causes of logistics skills shortages around the world.  It also discusses the options for dealing with this problem.

In a follow-up project for the World Bank a toolkit has been developed that governments and other organisations can use to assess logistics skill shortages within their countries.   This Toolkit was successfully piloted earlier this year and will now be rolled-out to other countries.

Thank you again for your valuable contribution to the research on this very important issue for the future development of logistics.


Kind regards,

Alan McKinnon

Kai Hoberg

Christoph Floethmann


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