TU Berlin - Chair of Logistics- Research "Future Logistics Success Strategies"


The Logistics chair at Technische Universität Berlin is currently conducting a research study and a Delphi panel with the title:
“Contribution to future logistics success strategies”.
If you are interested, would you be so kind to share this information in your business network and invite for participation? My idea is to have a general report with major findings at the end and if you are interested a special report for Europe edited together by some of you or ELA and my chair in cooperation. We will have special reports as well for China and for Brazil and for the US. All participants get the final report for free printed by my university and the option to participate in one or several content-panels as knowledge exchange groups after the report is published. These groups can discuss and share experiences in specific topics and can co-create under your and our guidance new solutions based on formats like co-innovation or design-thinking.
Participants have access to the questionnaire (English version) by clicking the following link   https://www.unipark.de/uc/flss/eng/
All relevant information can be found in the mail attached. In case you need further information or have comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Frank Straube (straube@logistik.tu-berlin.de  +49 30 314 22 877)or contact Anna Lisa Junge (junge@logistik.tu-berlin.de,  +49 30 314 27499).