Mind the Gap

You would like to become ELA Certified based on the ELAQF Standards but you don't know for sure what level you would do the assessment for. Or you can see a career change and want to prepare yourself for this by taking some courses but what are the disciplines within Supply Chain that you need to tackle. For these cases ELA developed an online tool, free of charge and to be used for everybody:

"Mind the Gap"

EUROLOG 2018 : May 9th-11th in Marrakech Morocco

Kindly note in your agenda that EUROLOG will take place in Marrakech, Morocco from May 9th-11th. You can register via this link.

Logistics Research Network : Call for Papers : deadline 4 April 2018

Call for Papers : "Managing logistics business and policy for integrated sustainable logistics operations" : Deadline 4 April 2018

For more information, see also the website

Mobility4EU-project funded by European Commission : Invitation to survey

The Mobility4EU project (www.mobility4eu.eu) funded by the European Commission aims to develop a vision and action plan for mobility and transport in Europe in 2030.

ELA Awards 2017



European Framework for 'Knowledge Triangle' in the Logistics Sector

1st September 2016 - 31st August 2019

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ELA aims to provide an international forum for networking, promotion and development of the logistics and supply chain profession.


ELA formulates European Logistics Standards and encourages the acceptance of these standards on an international basis.